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Software Development


Agile Software Product Development
Take Leverage of Compelling & Viable Software Product Development service
MM AND ASSOCIATES offers widespread range of Product Development Services
so you can translate any innovative idea in to market ready advanced software products.
Our bench-strength lies in developing cutting edge products having advanced
and futuristic features. The cost is very reliable and takes least possible time to market
tendering world class novelty and realistic solutions to its end users.

Our world class teams of technology experts in diverse technology use most
viable development methodology – Agile to upfront your business goals and user
expectations across diversified verticals e.g. – eCommerce/ Retail, Healthcare, News,
Productivity, Business, Mobile Apps, Social Network Web 2.0 Applications etc.

Website & Web Application Development


Websites are as much responsible for business as your sales team, Yes this is a fact.
A Well designed with relevant information acts like a sales person who works 24×7 for your business. We all know first impression is the last impression and whenever we meet someone consciously or subconsciously we start analyzing about the appearance of the person and notice shoes, dress and how the person carry himself.

We can produce any site, from a simple static website to a complex database driven website. Your website must not only look attractive and be informative but also represent your brand. Our team of skilled web designers are able to create a top quality website for you that best represent your brand.We specialize in all areas of website design & Development.

Database Driven Website:
Among the most important types of dynamic web pages are the database driven. Database driven site means you have a web page that takes information from a database and places that information into the web pages each time it’s loaded Thus Database driven sites are preferred in such cases.

Personal Websites:
It can be a small and simple website may be a static website or a dynamic depending on the requirement. This website is basically an online brand of the individual wherein he can share his personal or professional experience to the world. He can also integrate his social media pages to this website and make himself more available to the outer world.

E-Commerce Website:
E-commerce solution India is the next big thing in retail; this helps you to setup your online store and helps you operate in most affordable manner through you E-commerce websites. E-Commerce (Electronic commerce) is a type of industry where the buying and selling of products or services happens over Internet.

A typical E-commerce website requires the involvement of the following:
• A beautiful design
• Admin Panel
• Integration with Payment Gateway
• Security enabled
• Integration with Social media
• Gallery showing he products and services
• Short and relevant description of Products and services
• The cost Offers if any and more
*E-Commerce sites are common among individuals who prefer purchase online.

Our Current Areas of Open Source Development Include:
• Database Driven Website Development
• E-Commerce Website Development
• Rich Internet Application Development
• Enterprise Application Development
• Website Redesign and Migration Services

Whether you are looking to update an existing website, build a new site from scratch or to build a web based application, we can help. We have a commercial focus that will ensure your website talks to your visitors, helping to turn each visitor into a new customer and maximizing your return on investment. We provide complete solutions, from initial concept, to the design, coding and building of a website. We are able to provide Content Management Systems so you can manage and update your own site.

Android Application Development

If you want an app which will expand the efficiency of your business workforce, or a multimedia based application supporting rich content, we can help you in making a way out which will give your client a revolutionary experience with our unparalleled Android App development service.

Our Expertise of Android application landscape for various industry niches breed an unparalleled value for your business and keeps you at the forefront of your competitors. We have a expert team of Android app developers who are excellent in devising any idea in to reality beyond expectations of our clients for wide range of Android devices including phones, tablets and Android wearables. We have a well versed expert who can work with every operating system to build up conventional features which will make your app distinctive and successful. We ensure you to create an Android app that is extensible and dynamic and is devise with customer centric UI so it can be best in class apps in the marketplace.

Digital Marketing

MM AND ASSOCIATES is a complete online reputation management company that helps you to build
and maintain your brand on the net. We have honed our expertise in online reputation
and brand management through our market experience and are constantly updating ourselves
with the latest tools and technologies provided by the internet. We grow our knowledge as the internet
grows itself. Whether managing a company or your personal brand, you do not want to hear that
a potential customer “Googled” your company or personal name and based on what the search results returned,
they decide not do business with you. For businesses, a damaged or negative reputation can mean
millions of dollars lost. The importance of reputation management cannot be emphasized enough.

Digital Marketing is the process of measuring, monitoring and shaping conversations about your brand,
on the Internet.

Brand Management

To build your brand online, you need to have the knowledge to build it online and maintain it,
you must have experience in the field of internet marketing and you must have to be aware
of the latest updates of this field. Unlike the traditional approach of brand management
of using single updates, we follow a more updated and upgraded version of brand management,
with us you get to know the current trends to build your brand. And we keep a close eye on
the market and update our branding strategies with time to get maximum profits.
Our digital marketing strategies ensure you the best brand value online and that too without
using black hat techniques. We not only develop brands but also maintain the same.

Search Engine Optimization

The most effective way to drive visitors to your website at the lowest cost is to build your website’s organic search engine ranking. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an effective tool for improving the volume and quality of traffic to your website. The process involves a combination of “on page” and “off page” strategies designed to support your business goals. Visibility in the search engines will improve your company’s online brand exposure while increasing site traffic, time on site, and conversions.

Simply put, search engine optimization is the practice of optimizing the website. It is the process of increasing the visibility of the pages of a website on the organic search results for terms relevant to your business. The higher the pages of a site rank on the organic search engine results, the higher the chances of searchers visiting the website. Since 80% of the users – don’t search beyond the first 3 pages of search engines, it becomes important to rank high!

Search engine optimization is one unique strategy that undoubtedly takes time to result but still it is recommended as the “right” technology and this is the only reason for it to be one of the prominent tools of internet marketing. Recent times have seen a spurt in specialized search engines focused on specific niches e.g. Google Image Search, Google Blog Search, Google News Search, Technorati (for Blogs), Google Local Business Search etc. Our search engine optimization services leverage these specialized search engines to further improve the online visibility.

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